Lightning Overlays

Lightning Overlays for Photoshop

Lightning Texture For Photoshop
Lightning Overlays Free
Lightning Texture Overlay

10 Lightning Overlays

Download this awesome set of lightning overlays for free and use them to create a realistic lightning effect.

This set includes 10 lightning overlays that you can use in Photoshop or other graphic design software.

You can use these lightning textures as background or, you can use them as overlay for your photos.

If you want to create a lightning effect in Photoshop, these lightning overlay images are great!

Check out this Photoshop action if you want to create lightning effects quick and easy. This action uses lightning brushes instead of lightning overlays.

10 Lightning Overlays For Photoshop

So, this pack includes 10 lightning textures in JPEG format. The size of the images is around 3500x2200px.

The lightning images are in black and white so you can easy add any color you want (see the previews).

How To Use The Lightning Overlays In Photoshop?

  1. Open an image in Photoshop
  2. Add the Lightning Overlay over your image
  3. Set the blend mode of the Lightning Overlay layer to Screen
  4. To colorize the Lightning Overlay, add a Gradient Map with this gradient: #000000 (location 0%), #154ce8 (location 49% – here you can use other color tones like green or orange) and #ffffff (location 100%)
  5. Another method is to add a Gradient adjustment with a colorful gradient. Set the blend mode to Color. It is important to set the gradient as Clipping Mask for the Lightning Overlay layer.

Create a lightning text Photoshop effect using these awesome textures.

Lightning effect in Photoshop is so easy to create! No need for lightning Photoshop brushes. Simply add the lightning texture over your image and set the blend mode to Screen.

These textures are useful for creating all kinds of effects like energy effect, electric Photoshop effect, strike effect, electricity and so on.

Create a rainy day in Photoshop. Make the storm realistic by adding lightnings in just a few seconds. You can combine the texture overlay with electricity Photoshop brushes.

Item Details

This freebie contains 10 JPEG files

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