Neon Logo Mockup Free PSD

Neon Logo Mockup Free PSD

Neon Light Sign Photoshop Free Mockup

Neon Text Mockup Free for Photoshop

Neon Logo Mockup PSD Free Download

Download this neon logo mockup PSD for free and add your logo or your text inside the smart object. This 3D neon light sign mockup is fully customizable and it has all the layers intact.

Simply download the PSD file and add your logo inside the smart object. Save the smart object to see the result. You can use text layers, custom shapes or raster images.

Create realistic neon glow text effects in Photoshop in just a few seconds. As you can see in the preview images you can easily change the color of the neon light and it will look great!

So, if you want to create a neon sign or a neon glow text effect, this free Photoshop PSD file is great! You can make lots of changes to customize the appearance. You can replace the wall background, change the color of the neon lights, modify the 3D depth, edit the layer styles, etc.

This neon light PSD mockup has included two default colors: red neon glow and green neon glow.

Of course , the PSD has all the layers intact, contains editable smart objects, it is well organized in groups. You can edit, modify, resize, change color.

About Photoshop Mockup Files

If you’ve never used Photoshop mockup files before and you are unsure how to use them, please take a couple of minutes and check out these great resources:

  • How To Use Photoshop Mockup Files

These Photoshop mock-up templates are extremely popular among graphic designers, saving them a lot of time and money. Among the most used mockups are logo mockups, text effects mockups, photo templates, etc.

Item Details

This freebie contains 1 Photoshop mock-up file to create 3D neon logos or 3D neon light text effects in Photoshop.

Neon Light Text Effect Photoshop Action


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